Comité de Défense du Vieux Pérouges, Musée de Pérouges, Maison des princes, cité médiévale
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"Today, Pérouges is considered as one of the most beautiful villages in France and intends to remain one of them. It owns a museum that tells its story, but it is certainly not a museum-city. We have to keep its stones alive. This is why we have decided thirty years ago to display contemporary art, in order to share its vitality and its universality.

Indeed, contemporary art has no frontier. We are excited and proud to exhibit great Spanish paintor, Luis Feito, whose powerful art naturally fits among the prestigious artwork that has been displayed in Pérouges over the last decades."

Jacques Boyon, President of the Committee

"The very « Hispanic » nature of Luis Feito (born in Madrid in 1929) is obvious in each and every painting he’s created. The vibrant colors, sometimes complimentary, sometimes opposite, fight with the dramatic of the black with style. This is definitely not the least of the qualities of his art, and we are delighted to present to the public a very representative selection of it. Today, Lusi Feito is one of the last great Spanish painters.”

Patrick Gilles Persin

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1049 - 1997 (150x150)

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