Comité de Défense du Vieux Pérouges, Musée de Pérouges, Maison des princes, cité médiévale
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The House of Princes (« Maison des Princes ») is a former mansion, belonging to the Savoy Dukes. This impressive piece of medieval architecture of the XIV- XVth century is definitely one of the most tremendous houses of the city. It contains the most beautiful huge fireplaces of the city. The Dukes must have come here at least once a reign.

It has been classified as French Historical Monument in 1921.

The Museum’s visit leads the visitor to the four temporary exhibitions rooms of the House of Princes. Each year, the Committee invites the most famous contemporary artist in the world, painters and sculptors. These exhibitions fit perfectly with the old stones of this old mansion. Some of the most prestigious international artist exhibit here every year.

To read the list of the artists who exhibited in Perouges, please click HERE

Feel free to take a virtual tour of the mansion using our viewer.

Facade de la demeure

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