Comité de Défense du Vieux Pérouges, Musée de Pérouges, Maison des princes, cité médiévale
logo du comité

For an association, celebrating its centennial anniversary is not a common thing. Still, this is what Perouges's defense commitee is doing today, inside the walls of the old medieval city.

The history of the commitee is exemplary: created in 1911, it was recognized as "publicly useful" by ordinance in 1928. Its first mission was to rebuild the city, in order to resurrect what was use to be an abandonned village, damaged by demolition. Its second mission was to protect it against the assaults of modernity.

After being saved a hundred years ago by the Commitee, through economical and social progress, Perouges needs to remain a city of living stones, certainly not a museum. Thus, the medieval city has become a leader in the cultural life of the Ain department. Chosen by directors to film numerous movies for tv and cinema, it also seduced for more than thirty years world-class contemporary painters and sculptors.

This subtle blend of old stones and contemporary art is an outstanding achievement: by visiting the city, many discovered contemporary art, while others, attracted by the amazing summer exhibitions, discovered the city. Thus, the City of Perouges is facing this constent challenge: make sure than anyone that comes for the first time will want to come back again.

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